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Upcoming ALSHP Meetings in 2014

Annual Meeting
October  16 and 17, 2014
Hyatt Regency Wynfrey Hotel
Hoover, AL



A message from the Director of Legal Affairs:

As I'm sure most of you know, some very important legislation regarding sterile and non-sterile compounding was passed in Washington, DC recently.  The FDA has asked each state's board of pharmacy to send 2 representatives to Washington for a meeting where they are going to reveal what their plans  are regarding this legislation.  Dan McConaghy and Susan Alverson left for Washington last Wednesday to attend this meeting.  Susan has scheduled a meeting open to all compounding pharmacists to discuss what they have learned.  This will take place at the  BOP offices in Birmingham on Wednesday, April 2nd at 1pm.

If you wish to attend, please RSVP to Terry Lawrence at 205-380-7184 or .  The RSVP is important to judge room size needed for those who wish to attend. This is very important information from the FDA and will definitely touch the practices of sterile and non-sterile compounders in the state.  It is unknown at this time how this will effect compounding done within a health system.  I will be present at the meeting and have asked a couple of  directors of pharmacy in the state to attend with me so we can be sure to understand what this might mean to hospital systems as well.

So what is the FDA saying thus far?  The FDA is preparing a memorandum of understanding for each state's BOP to sign.  At this point, it is felt that  the content will not be negotiable.  Should the BOP refuse to sign said memorandum, the FDA could then pull/discontinue all "exemptions" in the state.  This could include requiring pharmacies to function under Good Manufacturing Processes (not USP 795/797 regulations) and even requiring new  drug applications and PI's for "compounded" drugs.  This meeting, obviously, will be important to see what course of action our BOP is going to take and how this will potentially impact pharmacy practice in the state.

As soon as I know more information, I will forward it to the membership.

Cara Leos, Pharm D, BCPS (AQ Cardiology)
Director of Legal Affairs




A Message from the Executive Directors:

The 2013 Annual Clinical Meeting received over 100 pharmacists, students, and technicians at the Hyatt Regency Birmingham – Wynfrey Hotel on October 18th. The Educational Planning Committee and Council on Educational Affairs developed an excellent program for attendees. During the business session lunch, the Board of Directors gave their reports for the past year, new officers were installed for the coming year, and the 2013 awards were presented. Congratulations to our award winners!

We are looking forward to a very active 2014. There are a number of issues that ALHSP will be involved with legally in the state as we work with the Alabama Board of Pharmacy and other organizations in the state. The Educational Planning Committee is already hard at work putting together the 2014 Summer Meeting and Exhibit Show at the Hilton Pensacola Beach, FL on June 22-24, 2014. There will also be a great effort to enhance our online presence in 2014, and a new push to draw in more membership for the Society to strengthen our voice in Alabama.  Please join us in 2014!

ALSHP 2013 Award Winners

Please join us in congratulating ALSHP’s 2013 Award Winners:

Health System Pharmacist of the Year: John Arnold

Outstanding Pharmacy Practitioner of the Year: Doug Carroll

New Practitioner of the Year: Whitney White

ALSHP Service Award Recipients: Nancy Bailey, Brad Wright, Richard Cramer, Lindsey Elmore, Lee Ann Cain, and Cherry Jackson






As you may know, the Alabama Medicaid Agency is proceeding with a series of rule changes that will set prescription limits on Medicaid patients. Below are links to two documents: A letter from the Board of Directors to the Agency voicing concerns regarding the proposed rule changes, and a response from the Agency to ALSHP's concerns. Please read both to fully familiarize yourself with this issue which could have a dramatic effect on health-system pharmacy practice and patient care.

Letter from the ALSHP Board of Directors

Response from the Alabama Medicaid Agency



Call for Reports:

Call for Reports on Successful Quality-Related ProjectsThe ALSHPPerformance Improvement Committee is organizing a program for sharingquality-related projects among the membership. We are requesting briefdescriptions (i.e. 250 words or less) detailing projects that successfullyimproved drug use related quality issues at your institution. The projectscould be on a wide variety of topics, such as improving the medication reconciliationprogram, preventing ADRs, developing a protocol to direct correct drug use,conducting an MUE, decreasing drug costs, etc. Also please provide a contactperson and phone number/email address, so questions and comments can bereferred to a certain individual.

The purpose is to share information withALSHP colleagues on what issues are being addressed, what approaches have beensuccessful, and provide members with different ideas on how they can positivelyeffect the quality use of drugs in the practice setting. Projects will beregularly updated on the Performance Improvement Section of the ALSHP website,and each project will be posted for approximately 6 months. Submissions may beedited for length, clarity, or other reasons.

Please send project descriptions,and direct comments or questions on this activity to Richard Cramer, Pharm. D.,at Huntsville Hospital (256-265-8284 / Rusty Page, Pharm. D., at Baptist Medical Center East (334-244-391 /






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